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16 Different Sushi Recipes To Try For Dinner

Homemade sushi rolls, an absolute staple in Japanese cuisine, are the best treat to make for yourself. But there is a lot to consider when making homemade sushi! This article will teach you about making sushi at home and will also give you suggestions for some of the best recipes to try out.

Sushi at its core is made with three simple ingredients: raw fish, a nori sheet, and sushi rice.

Tools Needed to Make Sushi at Home SUSHI MAT: In Japanese, this is called a makisu. It is a bamboo mat that is connected by cotton strings.

Tools Needed to Make Sushi at Home PLASTIC WRAP: Use over your mat to keep it easy to clean. SHARP KNIFE: A knife is important both while you’re assembling the sushi and after it’s done.

5 Main Types of Sushi SASHIMI- simply a piece of fish, shellfish, or meat on its own. This is for fish purists. NIGIRI - a mound of sushi rice is topped with an ingredient, usually fish or shellfish and typically raw. MAKI - the traditional sushi roll that most people think of when they think of sushi. It is made by rolling rice, protein, and vegetables inside seaweed.

5 Main Types  of Sushi Continued URAMAKI - often referred to as “inside out” sushi. In uramaki rolls, the fillings are wrapped in seaweed and then the rice is on the outside of the roll. TEMAKI - sushi that has been rolled into a cone shape, also known as a hand roll.

What to Serve Alongside Sushi -  Things like wasabi paste, pickled ginger, & soy sauce are great options.

What Makes Sushi Rice Sticky? Sushi rice is made using short grain Japanese rice that is flavored with rice vinegar, sugar, and salt. The starch in the rice makes the grains stick together and also holds the rest of the toppings too. 

Traditional Maki Sushi (from Curious Cuisiniere)

Futomaki Roll  (from Just One Cookbook)

Dragon Roll (from Masala Herb)

Spicy Tuna Roll (from Foodie and Wine)

Rainbow Roll (from The Foreign Fork) 

Shrimp Tempura Roll (from Dinner At The Zoo)

Tiger Roll  (from Half Scratched)

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