Muhammar - A Sweet Rice

Ingredients – Basmati Rice – Honey – Brown rice – Ghee  – Ground cardamom – Saffron – Rose water – Salt

Muhammar is a popular Bahraini dish made with sugar, honey, rose water, and cardamom. It is very sweet and pairs well as a side with fish or can even be enjoyed eaten alone.

Saffron is beautiful and flavorful and absolutely delicious. If you can afford to splurge and you’re feelin’ fancy, put this jar of saffron in your cart. There's so many fun ways to cook with it!

For variations of this Muhammar, substitute either all brown sugar or all honey (instead of ¼ cup of each). Use butter instead of ghee. Other flavorings like molasses or cloves are worth trying.

The best part about this rice is how quick and easy it is! About a half an hour total of prep/cook time and you have a delicious and incredibly unique Bahraini dish on your hands.

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