Grilled Pork Belly in Parsley Sauce

Grilled Pork Belly in Parsley Sauce, also called Stegt Flaesk from Denmark, is a dinner platter that is perfect for a night in. The potatoes and pork belly create a hearty base for the dish, while the Parsley Sauce adds a nice, light finish to the top.

- pork belly - Yukon potatoes - butter - flour - milk - parsley

Bake the  Pork Belly

Boil the potatoes

Let's get the parsley sauce started.

Cut the potatoes into thin rounds. Lay these on your plate. Place crispy pork belly on top of the potatoes, and then drizzle with Parsley Sauce. Enjoy!

Enjoy this Danish dish called Stegt Flaesk

The Foreign Fork 

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White Dotted Arrow