These Eggs Poached in Salsa is a simple, low calorie, and delicious way to change up your breakfast!

INGREDIENTS – Eggs – Salsa – Water – Salt & pepper

I love this breakfast because it’s different from what I normally make and it is SO quick to throw together! Let’s admit it… we all have a jar of salsa floating around in the back of our fridge. It stays good forever, so why not?!

Add the water and salsa to a pan and on medium low heat, let the mixture come to a low boil. Add in the eggs in the middle, using the spatula to pull the mixture away for two pockets for the eggs to lay in. 

Use the hot salsa mixture to cover the eggs and let it cook or "poach". Use the hot liquid and putting a cover over the pan to let the eggs cook in this way. 

Sprinkle the eggs with alt & pepper and serve with a crusty piece of garlic bread if you like!

The Foreign Fork 

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