Shrimp  Dopeaja 

Ingredients – Canola oil – Ginger – Turmeric – Cayenne – Paprika – Ground red pepper – Pureed onion – Raw shrimp – Onion – Sea salt – Tomato – Cilantro – Scallions

Shrimp Dopeaja is a Spicy Shrimp dish from Bangladesh made by combining shrimp, onions, tomatoes, and spices to create a phenomenal 30-minute dinner. This dish is spicy and flavorful, and is best served over a bed of white rice.

Bangladesh is famous for its seafood, particularly its freshwater fish. Spicy Shrimp, or Dopeaja, is one of the most famous dishes in the country, most likely because of its ease, flavor, and ability to showcase the amazing seafood of the country.

Catfish is a very common ingredient in Dopeaja in Bangladesh. If you do choose to work with fish instead of shrimp, make sure to de-bone the fish and then cut it into small pieces to simmer in the tomato base.

White rice is a great way to enjoy all the seasonings and sauce from this dish. Making it in the IP will be quick.

The Foreign Fork 

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