Lamingtons are a distinctly Australian treat that is difficult for anyone to pass up. Made with fluffy sponge cakes, it's coated in chocolate and rolled in coconut. It creates a treat that is moist, delicious, and full of texture.

Lamingtons can be found in many different flavors in bakeries throughout Australia. They may be coated in different colored chocolate or filled with different creams or jelly.

Get ready to make a mess with chocolate and coconut and create little treats that are perfect for afternoon tea, the holidays or birthday parties!

Most Lamington experts agree that perfect-looking Lamington takes time. Don’t try to bake the cake and apply the icing before the cake has fully cooled.

If you are having trouble with the final assembly of the cake, try freezing the cake pieces. This will make your cake firm and easier to handle and the cold will also help the icing become firm on the cake.

SPONGE CAKE Eggs Sugar Vanilla Flour Baking powder Unsalted butter

TOPPING  Butter Whole milk Cocoa powder Icing sugar Salt' Dessicated coconut

The Foreign Fork 

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