Bucatini  Cacio e Pepe

A classic Roman dish, Bucatani Cacio e Pepe is a cheesy pasta covered in creamy sauce that you’ll want to make again and again!

--Bucatini --Black peppercorns --Pecorino Romano

Ever made pasta with bucatini? It's kind of fun! PS Save some pasta water. 

Freshly cracked pepper is the key to this recipe. 

The reserved starchy pasta water helps achieve the cheese to melt and stick to this pasta the way it's meant to. 

Give the noodles a little twist, and serve. Enjoy!

It’s important to add salt to your pasta water but NOT to the sauce. A little bit of salted water is just the right amount of salt for this creamy pasta sauce.

Recipe Tip

This is one of those recipes where quality matters. Don’t skimp on good quality cheese, good pasta and fresh cracked pepper.


Never use pre-grated or pre-shredded cheese. It will not melt well and your sauce will not get the desired texture.


The Foreign Fork 

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