The Ingredients!

As the origination story goes, in Havana, the capital of Cuba, Medianoche sandwiches are served outside of many of the popular nightclubs. Partygoers stop and pick up a Medianoche sandwich before heading home.

This recipe is a great on-the-spot meal, especially if you’ve prepped the pork ahead of time!  You can make and toast this sandwich in under 10 minutes.

Roast the pork. Be sure to use honey on one side when baking it. You'll shave thin slices from it for your sandwiches after roasting it. 

Build the sandwich starting with the brioche bun, add pork slices, top with ham slices and then finish with the Swiss cheese. Top that with pickles and some mustard.

Use a panini grill or cast iron grill with a press to heat up some butter and toast each side in the melted butter. 

The Foreign Fork 

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