Create a buttery, crumbling topping. While Americans in the United States seem to save this delicious addition for baked macaroni, pies, and baked goods, Brazilians have found a way to add a delicious crumble topping to just about any main dish.

Bacon Salted butter Onion Garlic Cassava flour Salt, pepper

Farofa is a deliciously crispy side dish with a crunchy texture like toasted bread crumbs but with the flavor of bacon, garlic, and onion. It’s the perfect addition to any stew, barbeque meat, or just a plate of rice and beans.

Farofa holds a unique importance in Brazilian cuisine. It’s enjoyed by all walks of life, from the poorest of households to the most well-off. It’s technically a side dish but it acts more like a condiment.

Yuca flour or cassava flour is a gluten-free flour. On its own has a mild taste but when cooked in a bit of butter, garlic, and bacon, it soaks up those flavors, for a deliciously salty, buttery, garlicky goodness to your dish.

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