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Homemade Pistachio Baklava Recipe

Layers of crispy phyllo dough, a delightful, cinnamon-y filling, all coated in a honey syrup. This Pistachio Baklava is a great twist on a classic, with a blend of walnuts and pistachios for the filling.

Pistachios Walnuts Ground Cinnamon Ground Cloves Sugar Phyllo dough Butter Honey Lemon juice


Make the nut filling user a food processor. Add pistachios and seasoning. 



Make the syrup. Dissolve your water and sugar, add the honey, then allow it to cook down. Cool completely.

Now the fun part - assemble! Brush the glass pan with butter before buttering the top of the first of 7 phyllo dough layers. 



Add your pistachio filling over the 7th layer of phyllo dough. 

Repeat the phyllo dough and butter layers again for another 7 layers on top of the nut mixture.


Brush the top layer of dough with butter. Use a knife to cut lines to form the triangles of baklava


Place the tray in the oven and bake for about 30-40 minutes or until the phyllo dough is crispy.


Expert Tips

As soon as you pull the tray out of the oven, pour the syrup over the entire tray.

Expert Tips

You can chop/grind the nuts in this recipe to your liking, but make sure not to grind them into a powder.

Expert Tips

Phyllo dough rips very easily, so be careful when working with it. But also, don’t worry if you rip one or two pieces. Simply discard the bad pieces and use a fresh sheet instead.

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