In this Red Chimichurri Sauce Recipe (or Chimichurri Rojo), we use the base of a typical chimichurri and add some fun extra elements to make it red! Flavored with roasted bell peppers and paprika, you are going to love the fun flavors this recipe brings to dinner.

Parsley Garlic Roasted red bell pepper Ground smoked paprika Ground Cumin Extra virgin olive oil Red wine vinegar Fine sea salt Ground pepper

Pulse the ingredients in a food processor.

Let the chimichurri cool in the fridge and blend the flavors before serving.

Start by pouring a little olive oil, and keep adding more as you go. You may find that you like less olive oil than what the recipe calls for.

If you’d like a spicy chimichurri, feel free to also add red chili into the food processor.

The Foreign Fork 

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