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Haitian Pikliz

Haitian Pikliz is a condiment served alongside most food in Haitian cuisine. It is made by pickling cabbage, carrots, and spicy peppers together.

-- Cabbage -- Carrot -- Yellow onion -- Bell pepper -- Habanero pepper -- Salt & pepper -- Vinegar

-- If you’ve ever wanted to get a “taste” of what life in Haiti is like, look no further! -- Adding a little pop of flavor to your meals has never been so easy. -- This recipe takes only as long to put together as it takes to slice up your veggies!

Step 01

Prep the Veggies. 

Step 02

Wear gloves and use your hands to mix all of the ingredients together.

Step 03

Pickle the Pikliz - Pack the mixture into mason jars. Pour white vinegar over the veggies to fill the jar.

Step 04

Secure the lid. Store in the fridge for at least 2-3 days before eating.

Remove the seeds from the habanero peppers if you want a less spicy pikliz.



Some recipes call for adding lime juice. You can add a few tablespoons of lime juice if you prefer!

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