It’s very rare to find an Italian cookie that is soft instead of crunchy. This cookie takes the taste of Italian Pistachios and pairs it with a soft, delicate cookie that you will love.

Pistachios Almond flour Powdered sugar Lemon zest Eggs

Pistachios: You can buy these in bulk in the health section of your grocery store. Make sure they are shelled (for ease) and unsalted (for taste).

Turn the pistachios into a fine flour with your food processor. 

Blend the pistachio flour into a mix with the eggs and almond flour, then add in the sugar and lemon zest. 

Form the dough into pieces bigger than a walnut shell. 

After the pistachio cookies are formed, dip them into powdered sugar and put them on a baking dish. 

Your cookies will be soft like marzipan after about 15 minutes. Bake them for an additional 3-5 minutes for a crunchier version. 

The Foreign Fork 

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