Balsamic Reduction Glaze is the perfect recipe to memorize (1 ingredient, 1 step!) and keep in your back pocket. It can transform any home-cooked meal into restaurant quality. With such a simple process and a delicious flavor, you’ll want to make this recipe all the time!

Throughout the years, balsamic has found its place in many familial traditions. In the past, new barrels of balsamic vinegar were begun at the birth of a child and given away on their wedding day. Today, we know it as the delicious stuff we love to dip our bread in, pour onto salads, and serve with veggies.

Balsamic Vinegar goes through an intense process before it even hits your table at home. A “young” balsamic has gone through this process for 5 years, whereas some of the oldest balsamics are still aging– 150 years later!

You truly only need one ingredient to make this simple sauce (though the brown sugar can be added as well).

Bring your meal from home-chef amature to restaurant level at the drop of a hat!

The Foreign Fork 

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