11 Best Globally-Inspired Instant Pot Recipes

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You all loved my first Instant Pot Round Up Post for European-Inspired Instant Pot Recipes and my second post for Indian-Inspired European Recipes. I had so much fun putting them together for you that I wanted to make you another one! This time I put together a list of the Best Globally-Inspired Instant Pot Recipes. 

That’s a big statement, but I really think you all are going to love these recipes. What better way to travel the world than from doing it in your own kitchen (okay, maybe traveling the world is better lol. But still) 

Mexican-Inspired Instant Pot Recipes


Globally-Inspired Instant Pot recipes Carnitas

Carnitas, a part of Mexican cuisine, are braised pork that simmer until they are so tender, they can be shredded with a fork. Then, you can eat the carnitas either with rice and beans or as a topping on tacos etc! 

Posole Rojo

Posole Rojo

Posole Rojo is a Mexican soup flavored with chimichurri, pork, and chipotle. You can bring the flavors of Mexico to your home in no time by cooking this recipe in your Instant Pot! 

Chicken Tinga 

Chicken Tinga

This recipe takes only 10-minutes of hands-on cooking. Soon, you will have a delicious chicken dish in a tomato, chipotle sauce. You don’t want to miss this one! 

Pulled Pork Tacos

Globally-Inspired Instant Pot recipes pulled pork tacos

These Pulled Pork Tacos are a great way to switch up your Taco Tuesday. These tacos are light and have a slightly smoky taste. And they are delicious! 

African-Inspired Instant Pot Recipes

Moroccan Chicken

Moroccan Chicken

Moroccan Style Chicken is made with figs, tomato sauce, onions, and plenty of delicious spices. Throwing these ingredients in your Instant Pot means that in no time you’ll have the smells of this delicious, Moroccan-inspired meal wafting through your home. 

Caribbean-Inspired Instant Pot Recipes 

Jamaican Jerk Chicken 

Globally-Inspired Instant Pot recipes Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Jerk Chicken is the ultimate, flavor-filled way to cook your chicken in the Instant Pot. These chicken breasts are delicious and SO easy to make!

Asian-Inspired Instant Pot Recipes 

Beef and Broccoli

Globally-Inspired Instant Pot recipes  Beef and Broccoli

Beef and Broccoli… one of the all-time favorite Chinese-American takeout dishes these days. Lucky for you, this is a recipe that might be even faster than takeout. Serve your dish with white or brown rice to round it out. 

Sesame Chicken 

Sesame Chicken

Does this not look like the most delicious sesame chicken you’ve ever seen? The chicken is cooked in a rich honey soy sauce that is delicious when topped with sesame seeds and served on a bed of white rice. 

Thai Red Curry Chicken Soup 

Thai red curry chicken soup

This soup is filled with the flavorful spices of Thailand, including lemongrass, ginger, fish sauce, and other various spices. That warm red color shows that this soup will heat you up in no time. 

Vegetable Chow Mein

Globally-Inspired Instant Pot recipes  vegetable chow mein

Another Chinese takeout recipe that is perfect for making in your instant pot! Fill this chow mein with whatever vegetables you prefer, and prepare for a filling and delicious dinner in only 30 minutes! 

Soy Sauce Chicken

sesame chicken

Soy Sauce Chicken is a traditional Cantonese dish. You can experience authentic Chinese cuisine from your own home by cooking this dish in your kitchen! Serve it with noodles or rice for the full experience. 

If you liked these Globally-Inspired Instant Pot Recipes, tell me in the comments! Do you want me to make another roundup? Let me know that too. Also, make sure to check out my other Instant Pot Roundups Below: 

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