Four Easy Valentine’s Day Recipes

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These four Valentine’s Day recipes are perfect for a romantic night in. Keep reading for appetizer, main course, and dessert ideas for a night of love.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, which means that it’s time to start thinking about the ways you’re going to sweeten up your honey. Not only is Valentine’s Day the perfect day for celebrating love, it’s also great for eating lots of yummy food! Of course, the holiday of love is one of the busiest days of the year for going out to eat, which means that restaurants are crowded, noisy, and not always the most romantic. 

One year when we were 17, Matt and I went out to Red Lobster for our Valentine’s Day dinner. Turns out, Red Lobster had overbooked itself, so they sat us at the same four-person table as another couple and then put a plant between us for “privacy.” OMG. 

Maybe you’re having your own Red Lobster situation… Maybe this year you’re limited by time or money or kids. Maybe you… ooops… forgot to schedule those fancy reservations your girlfriend/boyfriend was expecting. 

4 Easy and Delicious Valentine’s Day Recipes

Have no fear, my friends. I bet we can make your Valentine’s Day at home more romantic (and delicious) than any restaurant ever could have! And the best part? All of the Valentine’s Day recipes featured below are so simple, taking less than 30 minutes to make (but in most cases, less than 10). 

So step right up and take your pick (or two). Make one of these Valentine’s Day recipes, and let the love (and chocolate) flow 🙂 

Cheese Fondue

Cheese fondue dipping

Picture this: Enjoying dinner at a beautiful, candlelit table with a big pot of ooey, gooey cheese sitting between you and your SO. This cheese fondue is flavored with wine, giving it a rich, wonderful flavor! I love to eat this as an appetizer before a meal, but you could also have this cheese fondue as your main course. I use bread, crackers, vegetables, and apples as dippers. 

Cacio e Pepe Pasta

Valentine's Day Recipe: Hand twirling cacio e pepe

Cacio e Pepe… the pasta dish to end all pasta dishes. If you really want to impress your boyfriend or girlfriend you can even make the pasta for this dish from scratch following my post for How to Make Homemade Pasta.

Cacio e Pepe stands for cheese and pepper. That’s because the main ingredients for this dish are, duh, fresh ground pepper and pecorino romano cheese. 

My recipe for Cacio e Pepe also has pancetta for a bit of a crunch, but traditional Cacio e Pepe doesn’t feature pancetta! You can make it either way.

The cheese mixes with the pasta water to make a creamy and delicious sauce that coats the pasta. My oh my is it delicious. And so easy! 

Raspberry Filled Oreo Truffles

Valentines Day Recipe: oreo truffles with raspberry filling

Okay and now onto the good stuff…. CHOCOLATE. Chocolate is, by and far, my love language. So naturally I needed to make a few chocolate treats to celebrate this Valentine’s day! These Raspberry Filled Oreo Truffles are to die for. They’re simple to make and one of my very favorite things that has ever been featured on this blog! 

The chocolate is sweet, but the raspberry provides just enough tartness to cut the sweet at just the right moment! These Oreo Truffles come together so easily, and, with only 4 ingredients, they’re easy on your wallet, too. 

Chocolate Molten Lava Cake

Valentine's Day Recipe: dripping chocolate molten lava cake

If you want to bring restaurant dessert to your home for Valentine’s Day, this dessert is the way to do so! Chocolate molten lava cake is one of the best treats out there, and, little did you know, it’s easy to make from home!

The cakes only take 9 minutes of bake time in the oven, so you can whip it up really fast. Just make sure to eat it straight out of the oven… it’s best when the chocolate is melty!

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